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Lion Painting outside


Artwork, drawings and studies.
Made of acrylics, pastels, graphite or watercolors (aquarel).

Pets, landscapes, wild life, animals, flowers and much more!

Majestic Lion Painting


A postcard, print or painting as an original and very unique gift for yourself or to surprise someone!

Rope Pumpkin


Try everything, just because you can. And who knows, maybe you like it!

Why not upcycle old materials like juwels, cardboard, books, diy facial cream. You can find so many things on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok etc..
What is useful? And what does work?




Art Commissions – Fun and Learning!

Learning and having fun in taking on art commissions.

African Wild Life Art

African Wild Life Art by Andri Jansen van Niekerk. I create acrylic paintings, pastel paintings and sketches.

Painting of Lion in Acrylics

Painting of Lion Painting of Lion in acrylics was and stays a huge urge because I love Africa and its wild life. I think "love" is an understatement. Most of my family still lives in South Africa and I try to visit them regularly. When visiting them I always go on...

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