African Wild Life Art

African Wild Life Art

I love Africa and its Wild Life. This is something I can’t say or think about enough.

Most of my family still lives in South Africa and I try to visit them regularly. When visiting them I always go on safari. But the ultimate dream safari was in Tanzania at the Serengeti and the Ngoro Ngoro Crater during my honeymoon in September 2019.

Since our honeymoon I am even more obsessed with African Wild Life and their living environment.

This obsession is resulting in creating lots of African Art and art of African Wild Life. I create acrylic paintings, pastel paintings and sketches. I always try to use reference pictures I took myself or from places I have been myself. The reference pictures are always authorized to use.

There will be much more African Wild Life Art to follow!





The wide plains, beautiful sunsets and sunrises and the amazing food makes my heart beats faster. At the same time a feeling of ultimate happiness comes over me just thinking about this beautiful continent with amazing peope living on it.

The countries I have visited in Africa are not many, but there will be more for sure! I’ve been in South Africa (where my family lives), Swaziland, Lesotho, Mozambique, Tanzania & Zanzibar, Gambia, Marocco and Egypt. (Marked yellow on the map)

Countries (at least) on my wishlist are: Namib, Botswana, Kenya and Mauritius. And I would love to go to the Serengeti and the NgoroNgoro crater in Tanzania again (and again.. and again..).

In South Africa I would love to go to at least the Krugerpark and Pilanesberg again. My husband has not been to South Africa yet and he still needs to meet my family. So there is a plan to go! (now corona needs to be in control and safety is very important too in South Africa)



Africa Map
Lion Painting outside

African Wild Life

Being so much in love with Africa and with animals in general, the African Wild Life is as pretty as the continent is.

When going on safari we always try to spot the Big Five.

The Big Five are the most dangerous animals to hunt on foot:

  • African Lion
  • Leopard
  • Rhino
  • Elephant
  • Cape buffalo.

However these animals are the most dangerous the hunt on, the most deadliest animal is the Hippo.

When you add the Whale and the White Shark to the above animals you get the Big Seven.

When I heard of the Little Five I had to look these up:

  • Elephant Shrew
  • Buffalo Weaver
  • Leopard Turtoise
  • Antlion
  • Rhino beetle

According to WikiPedia: “The term little five was brought to life after the marketing success of the big five for tourist safaris in Southern Africa. This prompted a call by nature conservationists for visitors to acknowledge the smaller — less noticed — but still enigmatic, animals of the savanna (called bushveld in South Africa).”

Next time when on safari I will try to spot these too!

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Lion Painting Mockup

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