Art Commissions – Fun and Learning!

Art Commissions

An Art Commission is an artwork custom made and created for someone else in exchange for (usually) money.

Accepting my first art commission was very nerve wrecking. I was insecure about my skills, the materials to use and had no clue how to price my work. Luckily my first customer was very nice and very happy with the outcome of the painting.

My first art commission was in 2020 and up till now I have much more experience.



Learning from Art Commissions

Starting with taking on commissions has learned me a lot.

First of all being much more secure in creating an artwork for someone else and following their directions. Very often someone asks me to create a painting using out of a few pictures and use my own creativity. Other times someone would like a portrait drawing and other times people would like me to paint a picture they’ve taken.

I always ask if the picture or image the client hands over is taken or made by themselves. If not we have to make sure there are no copyright infringements. This was a big learning moment for me!

Pricing is a very difficult thing being an artist too. Think of the materials and how many hours you spend on an artwork, but not calculating the hours spent learning how to master a technique. Experience and talent should be in the price as well and the more experienced/talented the artist is, the higher the prices will be as the artist will be busier and can handle a waiting list or not accept commissions for a period of time.



George Pastel Painting
Jeff Bridges

Fun with Commissions

The most important thing for me is to have fun in creating artworks. As I love drawing and painting, I have lots of fun taking on commissions.

Next to creating an artwork I sometimes get to search for an image. For example someone really would love to have a beautiful painting of a Leopard, but don’t have a (good) picture. I have access to and know where I can get images and pictures without copyright infringement. Sometimes I contact the photographer of the picture to ask if I can use their picture for an artwork. This is fun too!

Other times someone would like something and I have to practice some new skills. That is so much fun too!!


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