Finding my Artistic Voice

For a while I am painting and drawing now. But the last few weeks (if not months) I had this urge to find my voice, my Artistic Voice. At the moment I mainly paint or draw realism and tried some abstract paintings. Still, I have not found my voice YET!

What is an Artistic Voice?

It’s not singing during painting or listening to someone speaking to you. The Artistic Voice I am trying to find is the style of my painting. It’s cohesive and does not changes if you find it. If someone looks at a painting, they know it’s yours.
I learned (from Milan Art Institute – video below) that your artistic voice consists of three aspects:

  • Aesthetic
    What you think is beautiful and what do you love. Make lists of them and collect images.
  • Taste
    Something you can educate and learn. This was an eyeopener to me. The more you are exposed to different tastes, the more you will develop your taste. For example – if you only know one mountain view, you can only draw or paint this one mountain view. If you go out in the world or collect picture of different mountain views, you will develop a taste for mountain views. The one is more beautiful than the other. That is developing your taste.
  • Process
    Your process is how you lay down your paint, the materials you use, color choices, how you work and so on.

How to find your Artistic voice?

You can find your Artistic voice through self-discovery.

  • Your Temperament
  • How you go through life
  • Your Energy
  • Why are you doing something this way and not another?
  • What do you love?

And probably much more…

Dimitra Milan wrote a very nice blog about finding her voice: Finding Your Style (by Dimitra Milan)
In the blog she writes how she found her voice, her sources of inspiration and some amazing tips!!

I know I am going to find my Artistic Voice in 2022! And I will be doing that through the Mastery Program of the Milan Art Institute. So exciting!

Video of Milan Art Institute

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