Sketch of Jeff Bridges

This is a sketch of American actor Jeff Bridges by Andri Jansen van Niekerk.

In this blog you read why I chose to draw Jeff Bridges and secondly what materials I’ve used for the sketch.

Firstly, I made this sketch of Jeff Bridges because I was shocked hearing he is battling cancer (lymphoma). The movie “the Big Lebowski” is epic! His nickname “the Dude” is from that movie.

Secondly, I’ve used very smooth paper, a dotting pen, make-up brushes, graphite pencils and mechanical pencils.
I really loved drawing his hair and beard, for instance. First, using a dotting pen to make the hair and then, when going over it with pencil it shows the little white hairs! I’ve ordered the dotting pen at

Would you like a tutorial on how to draw the hair? Let me know in the comments!!

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