Ordering my Christmas Cards

Ordering my Christmas Cards is kind of nerve wrecking! Making them is lots of fun, but ordering them not so much for the first time as I don’t know the result yet…. How I did this:

Firstly I make a watercolor painting of what I think is nice to order Christmas cards of.

Dog gnome Pikazzie
A Pikazzie: My dog with a Christmas Hat. (like a dog gnome..haha)

But I need more.. so I make another one: a Christmas Wreath.

Christmas wreath
Christmas wreath

Then take photographs of the two paintings and modify them with an app called Snapseed. Amazing app for getting your background all whitened. Combining the 2 pictures and this came out, but I’m not finished yet.

Canva is the tool I use to create and to order Christmas cards, as I did today. It takes around 5 to 8 days to get delivered..

I will keep you posted!!!

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