Painting of Lion in Acrylics

Majestic Lion Painting

Painting of Lion

Painting of Lion in acrylics was and stays a huge urge because I love Africa and its wild life. I think “love” is an understatement.

Most of my family still lives in South Africa and I try to visit them regularly. When visiting them I always go on safari. But the ultimate dream safari was in Tanzania at the Serengeti and the Ngoro Ngoro Crater during my honeymoon in September 2019.

Since our honeymoon I am even more obsessed with wild life and and their living environment. So I started to draw and paint them.

But it is my big wish of painting of lion in acrylics on a big canvas. Not small canvasses, but the real deal! And that it will work out.

So I started! 

Reference Picture

Finding the perfect picture is quite a journey. First I made a list of what I wanted:

  • Male Lion
  • Walking and looking towards the Camera
  • Picture taken in the Wild (not Zoo)
  • Location preferably somewhere I have been myself
  • Unique picture

These aspects did not make it very easy, but I found one last week!

After a lot of searches on Google I found an amazing picture with an even more amazing story!

“Coming up against a big male lion – brave caracal mom saves her kittens!” on

I reached out to the photographer on Instagram, Nic Proust, and asked him permission to use his picture. And he said YES!!! I was and still am over the moon!

Big Male walks across the crater
Lion Painting outside


Next step was to see what materials I needed to paint my Lion in Acrylics.

I already had a 60 x 80 cm canvas, brushes and some acrylic paints (the primary colors and black and white).

Then I just Googled what colors I could choose and came accross the very usefull blog of Studio Wildlife “Top 5 Colours to Choose When Painting a Lion in Acrylics & Oils”.

This article made me run to the artshop to buy the missing colours to start.

Wait.. first Gesso.. then the painting. Gesso is used to give a good base for the painting. As I want it to look like the Lion stepping out of the painting, I used 3 layers of black gesso and a layer of black acrylic paint for the background.

All paints and the gesso are from Royal Talens the Amsterdam Standard Series


Get one for yourself!

There is one original painting and there are prints available to order.

Check out the webshop or contact us.

Lion Painting Mockup

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