Valentine’s Day

It’s almost that time! Valentine’s Day!

On Valentine’s Day lovers give eachother just that little more attention than the rest of the year. AND you send a post card to your (secret) lover without mentioning the sender.

What is easier than me writing and mailing the card. Your (secret) lover will have no clue who send the postcard, they just simply don’t recognize the handwriting. And it’s much more personal that printed text.

I’m already busy with designing Valentine’s postcards. You can choose from several different Valentine’s cards which smell amazing too. When opening the envelope there will arise an amazing and beautiful scent of Wild Orange of DoTerra Your (secret) lover will cheer up immidiately even before reading the card with (possibly) your own made text.

Next to the delightful scent, you can choose to get the card delivered by me personally! I will ring the doorbell and record giving the card on video (by phone) and send this to you, so you can see his or hers reaction and if she even knows you are behind this. EXCITING!! (of course all corona-proof!). Delivery is only possible in region Haaglanden. Don’t hesitate to contact me when having questions.

Order your Valentine’s card in time!
There are only a limited amount of cards I can deliver on Sunday 14th of February.

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